For information regarding the 2016-17 Track and Field season click here. The season runs from October to April.


Australian Track and Field Championships
Jess Gulli-Nance 7th Open 400m 54.43s
Coreena van der Klooster semi Open 1500m 4m 32.03s
Coreena van der Klooster 8th Open 3000m Steeple 10m 48.27s
Jacob Reed semi Open 800m 1m 56.12s
Brenton Rowe 4th Open 1500m 3m 40.91s
Nick Wightman semi Open 1500m 3m 57.05s
Julian Oey semi Open 1500m 4m 01.85s
Nick Wightman 14th Open 5000m 14m 38.08s

Australian Junior Track and Field Championships
Lucas Shugg 4th U20 3000m Steeple 9m 24.00s
Eamon Anderson 8th U20 3000m Steeple 9m 49.38s