Welcome to the Deakin Athletic Club.
Formed in the mid-80’s, the Deakin Athletic Club is affiliated with Athletics Geelong and Athletics Victoria.
Deakin athletes compete in the local Geelong Athletics interclub competition at Landy Field as well as at State and National level.
Despite being a relatively small club, the Deakin Athletic Club can boast a vast array of athletes, coaches and officials who have performed at the highest level.
Further information on competition can be found at:
Geelong Athletics
Athletics Victoria
Enjoy your time at the club.

How to join

Membership of the Deakin Athletic Club runs from April 1st till March 31st.
Registration is via the Athletics Victoria on-line portal.
Once you are registered you will be a member of both the Deakin Athletic Club and Athletics Victoria.
All payments are made via credit card.
Any problems, please contact the Deakin AC Registrar.


The Deakin Athletic Club uniform consists of:
Singlet: Yellow with royal blue side panels
Crop Top: Royal blue with yellow front panel
Shorts/Briefs: Royal blue
All uniform enquiries please contact Ian Blanchonette (0437 615 569)